Hsinchu water is a water purified over thousand of years, slowly passing through layers of ancient stone beds, picking up essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium an potassium. It contains more than 10 naturally occurring electrolytes and rare deposits such as strontium and germanium, hence giving it a natural alkaline level  PH8.8, one of the highest naturally attained in the world.

Hsinchu is never touched, it is collected and is sealed from the source trough our unique bottling process. Hsinchu it is perfected by nature , thus no chemical  filtering or synthetic materials are required, that maintain the minerals obtained for thousands of years, to maintain its flavor intact and in favor of environmental care, hsinchu water is only bottled in 100% recyclable containers and that manage to maintain its perfect taste such as glass and can.


Alkaline goodness: Acid and alkaline are both necessary for our optimal health, our body naturally produces acid through its daily functions such as digestion and breathing but add modern lifestyle of unhealthy food, poor hydration and psychological stress that accelerates our body’s storage of this corrosive biochemical . Too much acidity for a prolong period sets the stage to various sickness including heart disease and diabetes.

Shelf Life:
2 years.

Available in:
330 ML Cans (Case of 24)