4 Pack 100% Sparkling Juice Passion Fruit


4 pack 100% Juice Sparkling – four 8.45 fl. oz  cans x case

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100% juice is a very different type juice from the rest. At OKA Products we achieve the most pure and original flavor of the fruit. We do not use sugar, concentrates, or artificial additives. We also are very confident that each and every fruit has its own amazing and unique flavor. OKA recognizes that, and embraces the flavor which return makes our product one houndred percent natural, refreshing, and delicious. OKA treats each fruit individually and in a very unique fashion. For example, a mango can have fifteen different variants, with all different levels of maturity. We are able to take this into account and choose the absolute best. This creates a product with amazing quality that still remains exceptionally fresh and has that real authentic flavor.

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Weight 33.8 oz
Dimensions 3.98 × 5.28 × 3.98 in
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